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  Department Of History

About The Department

Kamrup College, Chamata, is a rural based premier institution of Co-education in the lower part of the state of Assam. The College has been imparting general education to the students of the locality honestly and sincerely  since its inception in 1966. History as a subject of study was incorporated in the curriculum of Kamrup College in the very year of its establishment. Major course in the subject was introduced in the degree level in 1990. Under the able guidance of renowned educationist Sri Sarbeswar Das as its founder Head, the department of history has been playing an active role in the academic upliftment of the College. Renowned lawyer sir Dhiren Barman also highly contributed in this field as  a lecturer of the department in the beginning.


As the department of History we believe in the origin of knowledge which lies in the subject of History . History is the only way to know the past, without which one cannot assess the present. So all the branches of social science owe its existence upon history. We believe that by a comparative study of history one can know the actual strength and weakness of a nation. Again a declining nation is inspired to regain its lost glory by studying the glorious history of its past. The department believes that it is history which serves as the basis of all civilizations. In this regard the dept. strives to create a civilized society teaching the students the history of mankind since past up-to-date and there by improving their standard by evolving their national sentiment. The department also aims to adopt a comparative study of world history for comprehensive study and information and at the same time create consciousness against the misdeeds of the past. A spirit of patriotism and integration should be inspired for the upliftment of true and scientific history of the surrounding. This department at the same time aims also to keep alive the trading of historical teaching, writing and learning . Also its vision is to prepare the students for further higher studies and make them survive in the field of competitive market of employment.
We have already tried to translates our vision into reality by collecting and rewriting the history of west Nalbari area, the area where in our college is situated.

Future Plane

In the very near future the dept. is planning to undertake field trip to the local sports of historical importance, particularly some old temples. The purpose of the visit is to make the students know about the old structures, their architectural designs and antiquity.
The department is already publish the first issue of the departmental journal “Satsari”. The  department is aiming to increase the number of seminar organized by it, which will be of much help to the students and the teachers of the department.

    Courses Offered

Higher Secondary Course.
B.A. Semester Course (General).
B.A. Semester Course (Major).

    Assets And Infrastructure

At Present the Department is functioning from a room of the college building and the classes are held in different rooms. The department has a steel almirah, a globe, three nos. of map, four chairs and a table. All records of the students of the department are stored in the almirah.

    Departmental Library

The department has a small but active departmental library. One faculty member has been entrusted with the responsibility of the library. He keeps the record of the accession register and issue register and look after the transaction of the books with the students . The library contains 40 nos. of books and two journals.

    Activities of the department

The department, through its organisation comprising of the teachers and student  under the name and style of “History study centre,  Kamrup college, Chamata” looks after the different academic activities of the department. The study centre constituted of the following members

  1. Chairman                      :  Head of the department.
  2. Convenor                      :  One senior teacher.
  3. Secretary                      :  One teacher.
  4. Members                       :   Two from boys and two from girls
    Faculty Members


Assistant Professor (Sr) & Head

Contact No : 03624-232421 (O), 98594-78672 (M)

Email : sarmatilakkcc@gmail.com

Mr. Amulya Baishya . M.A., M.Phil

Address for Correspondence:
Assistant Professor
Department of  History
Kamrup College, Chamata,
Nalbari, Assam 781306, India
Nationality: Indian
Sex: Male

Refresher Course/ Orientation Course attended

Sl. No.












Publication of Articles

  1. Presented 8 Seminar Paper (Natioanal).
  2. Published 4 Nos. of Seminar Paper (National Seminar) with ISBN.
  3. Published one Research article with ISSN. (till date)
  4. Published various articles in College Magazine.


Any other Activities:

  1. Member, Asom Sahitya Sabha.
  2. Member, Editorial Board Souvneir (Silver Jubilee Celebration Committee) Katpuha Sarbajanin Durgapuja) 2002.

Research Publications:

  1. Referred Journals:
  2. Published one research articles.
    Topic : Impact of Raijmel on Peasant uprisings in Assam.
    Published by Indian Journal of Social Science and Sciences (IJSSS)
    A Half yearly multidisciplinary Research Journal
    Vol. 3 Issue : II, Aug. 2013
    ISSN : 2231-2447
    Published from Kalanchupar Research Institute,
    Sixth edition-2013 (Sivasagar)

  3. Non-referred but recognized and reputable journal and periodicals with ISBN/ISSN numbers:
  4. Conference proceedings as full paper (abstract not to be included): **
  5. Published U.G.C. sponsored National Seminar Paper are given below :

    • Topic : Women and Higher Education in Assam
      Published by Principal, LO.K.D College, Dhekiajuli 2011, Aug.
      ISBN : 978-81-920759-0-7
    • Topic : Issues related to Child Labour and Our Education : A study in Reference to Secondary Education of Assam
      Published by Principal, Nalbari Commerce College, Nalbari 2012, Feb.
      ISBN : 978-81-322971-0-1
    • Topic : Ethnic Issues and Insurgency in North-East India
      Published by Principal, Suren Das College, Hajo, 2012, Aug.
      ISBN : 978-81-923440-0-3
    • Topic : An Analytical Study of Gandhi’es Political Freedom and Self-Rule.
      Published by Principal, Goreswar College & EBH Publishers, Ghy-1, July, 2013
      ISBN : 9789380261973
  6. Journals without ISBN number : Various articles are published in College Magazines and Different Souvenirs.
  7. Published Books and Book-chapters with ISBN numbers:

    •  Text or Reference Books : Nil
    • Chapters in Text or Reference Books : Nil
    • Knowledge based volumes :Nil
    • Chapters in Knowledge based volumes: Nil

    Published Books and Book-chapters without ISBN numbers : Nil



Mrs. Rekha Kalita. M.A., M. Phil.(SLET Qualify).

Assistant Professor

Contact No : 03624-232421 (O), 87499-66393 (M)

E-mail : rekhakalitaghy@gmail.com

Mrs. Rekha Kalita . M.A., M.Phil

Address for Correspondence:
Assistant Professor
Department of  Hitory
Kamrup College, Chamata
Nalbari, Assam 781306, India
Nationality: Indian
Sex: Female


  1. Book= 01 Title : Sericulture industry in Assam and the Socio- economic profile of the weaver of Sualkuchi.
  2. Research Paper Publication = 4
  3. Presentation : 4 National Seminar Paper

Research Publications:

  1. Referred Journals:
  2. Sl. No.

    Title of the paper

    Journal title

    ISSN No.

     peer reviewed, impact factor

    No. of co-authors

    Whether you are the main author


    Jyotiprasad Agarwala and nationalism in Assam

    Indian Streams Research Journal

    ISSN NO- 2230- 7850 Impact Factor- 0.2105(GISI)





    British polices and the social formation of the Assamese middle class

    Research Dimensions

    ISSN NO- 2249- 3867        Impact Factor- (GISI)





    Silk industry of Assam its origin and growth

    Golden Research Thoughts

    ISSN NO- 2231- 5063
    Impact Factor- 1.2018 (GISI)




  3. Non-referred but recognized and reputable journal and periodicals with ISBN/ISSN numbers: Nil
  4. Conference proceedings as full paper (abstract not to be included): **
  5. Journals without ISBN number

Published Books and Book-chapters with ISBN numbers:

Research Work on The Sericulture Industry of Assam a socio- economic profile of the silk weavers of Sualkuchi ISBN no- 978-81-92548-67-8

  •  Text or Reference Books: Nil
  • Chapters in Text or Reference Books: Nil
  • Knowledge based volumes: Nil
  • Chapters in Knowledge based volumes: Nil

Published Books and Book-chapters without ISBN numbers: Nil


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