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  Department Of Arabic

About The Department

Arabic is one of the Semitic group of language and to day it is used as mother tongue  in various part of the world for many centuries in the middle ages it was the language of learning, culture and progressing thoughts through out the civilized world. There ware more works produced in philosophical, medical, historical, religious, astronomical and geographical fields through  the  medium of Arabic. Its alphabets, next to the Latin, is widely used system in the world and its influence in the form of  numerous loan-words has occupied an important role in the linguistic world. Hence, it has be come able to  occupy the bank of an international language. This language has also great importance in the present day context.
Kamrup College is a rural based co-educational institution of higher education in the west part of Nalbari district and in the lower part of Assam. The College was established in 1966 and was brought under deficit system of grant in-aid in 1975. The College Has been importing general education to the student of this locality.
The Arabic subject was introduced in 1984 in H.S. level and after that it was introduced as general Subject in the degree level in 1986. The major course in this subject was started from the session 2001-2002.


The vision of the department is to increased its student strength in to improve the overall functioning of the department. The teachers make all out efforts to make the subject more interesting and attractive to the students. The teachers conduct various competition such as Quiz, Qirat, Zikir, Etc in all the college functions specially at Fateha-E-dowaz Daham, Seminer,Etc.

The Result of the Department
The result of the Arabic department is satisfactory. The student of this department have shown their good performance in the examinations conducted by guwahati university over the years.
    Analysis of the department
Strength: The faculty members of the department are young, energetic and enthusiastic to import quality  education to the learners. The teachers have profound knowledge to teach the learners

Weaknesses( Disadvantages)

  1. There are only tow sanctioned post in the department .
  2. Government Concurrence is yet to bee obtained for Arabic ( gen) for YDC part III And Arabic (Major) For TDC part I,II, & III Classes
  3. Arabic is not Included as a core subject in school curriculum which ultimately resulted in the declines of enrolment.
    Arabic Study Circle

The department of Arabic has organized ‘Arabic study circle’ for the greater invest of the students as well as for the development of the locality to increase the readers insert. Seminars, Fateha-E-dowaz Dahan Etc. are organized. The Arabic study circle, Kamrup College , Chamata is constitute consisting the following members.

    1. Chair person—head of the department of Arabic
    2. Secretary—one Senior professor.
    3. Asst. Secretary--  One professor And tow each from the boys and girls.
    Faculty Members
S Sil


Associate Professor & Head

Contact No : 03624-232421 (O), 97077-65794 (M)

Email :

Syed Matiur Rahman . M.A.

Address for Correspondence:
Assistant Professor & Head
Department of  Arabic
Kamrup College, Chamata
Nalbari, Assam 781306, India
Nationality: Indian
Sex: Male
Date of joining : 13-08-1984

Orientation Course

  1. Attended one orientation Course at G.U. in 1991

Attended four Refresher Course

  1. At  jamia Millia Islamia, New Delhi in 1996
  2. At Assam university. Silchar in 1998
  3. At CIEFL, hydrabad in 2001
  4. At CIEFL, hydrabad in 2002

Attended one International Semester on “modern Arabic Litcrature in Kuwait”.  On 18th & 19th Oct 2001,

Apointed As S/o for the B.A., H.S., & HSLC Exam




Assistant Professor

Contact No : 03624-232421 (O), 98546-78475 (M)

Email : kislamkcc@rediffmail.com

Mr. Khairul Islam . M.A., M.Phil.

Address for Correspondence:
Assistant Professor
Department of  Arabic
Kamrup College, Chamata
Nalbari, Assam 781306, India
Nationality: Indian
Sex: Male
Date of joining : 21-09-1994

Attended tow orientation Proggramms.

  1. At  jamia Millia Islamia, New Delhi in 2000
  2. At Aligarh Muslim Univercity,

Attended two Refrher course

  1. At Aligarh Muslim Univercity, in 1998.
  2. At Aligarh Muslim Univercity,2013

Attended three international semester and six national semester .

Attended more than four workshops.

Research Publications: 01.

  1. Referred Journals: 01
    Name of the Book: “Arabic and Islamic studies in North-East India”
    Editor: Dr. Bakshi Hazarat Ali.
  2. Non-referred but recognized and reputable journal and periodicals with ISBN/ISSN numbers: Nil.
  3. Conference proceedings as full paper (abstract not to be included): **
  4. Journals without ISBN number: (01)

Published Books and Book-chapters with ISBN numbers: Nil

  1. Text or Reference Books: Nil
  2. Chapters in Text or Reference Books:Nil
  3. Knowledge based volumes: Nil
  4. Chapters in Knowledge based volumes: Nil

Published Books and Book-chapters without ISBN numbers: Nil


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